Stake $FITT,
Earn weekly


Get a chance to win rewards like free Sneaker NFTs, Crafting Anvils and much more every week. The more FITTix you have, more chances of winning.


Connect your wallet

Make sure you select Polygon network

Enter the amount of $FITT to stake

Make sure you have $FITT in your wallet

Approve the transaction in your wallet

Make sure its safe and only from

Sit back & relax while your earn FITTix

More FITTix, more chances of winning rewards


How does Staking work?

Once you purchase FITT tokens from Balancer or 1inch, you can stake them on our website, using Metamask. Once staked, you will be winning 1 FITTix for every 100 FITT you stake, every 24 hours. Every week we will take a snapshot of your FITTix and will distribute Mystery Boxes. The selection of the Mystery Box winners will happen based on the number of FITTix, along with a random factor.

What are FITTix and how do they work?

FITTix are essentially the 'Drop Tickets' you earn for the FITT you stake. Higher the number of your FITTix, higher the chances of you getting a Mystery Box. But, since it will be happening on a random basis, even the user with less no. of FITTix could sometimes win the Mystery Box.

What are Mystery Boxes?

Mystery Boxes will unlock the rewards such as Sneaker NFTs, Crafting Anvils, and so on. Over time, we will keep adding more in-game items to the list of these rewards.

Golden Mystery Boxes yield premium rewards like Sneaker NFT and Crafting Anvils, and will lead to reduction of 100% of your FITTix on claiming.

Silver Mystery Boxes yield rewards like Health Points and Energy Boost, and will lead to reduction of 25% of your FITTix on claiming.

What happens if I win a Sneaker NFT?

If you win sneaker NFT, you will be able to transfer it to our app and start your fitness journey with Fitmint. As you keep working out, you'll keep earning FITT tokens for the calories you burn.

What happens if I win a Crafting Anvil?

If you win Crafting Anvils, you will be able to use them on our app to craft, i.e., mint a new Sneaker NFT. With 1 Crafting Anvil you'll be able to create only 1 Sneaker NFT. Only the users with Crafting Anvils will be allowed to create new Sneaker NFTs.

How many Mystery Boxes can I win?

There is no cap on the number of mystery boxes you can win. After winning a Golden Mystery Box, you will not receive a reward for the next week.

Can I unstake my $FITT?

You can unstake your $FITT at anytime. However, there is a cooldown period of 15 days from your most recent staking event. Be mindful, a penalty of 15% on the amount withdrawn will be applied if you withdraw during the cooldown period.

Upon unstaking $FITT, the FITTix earned on the unstaked amount will be lost which will further reduce your probability of winning a Mystery Box. For example, if you unstake 100% of your purchased $FITT, your FITTix count will become 0. If you unstake 80% of your $FITT, 80% of your earned FITTix will be lost.