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Aug 30th - Sept 2nd

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75% users

workout daily




calories burned

on-chain achieveMints


NFT holders

80 million+

$FITT earned

$1.5 million

primary NFT sale

65 million+

$FITT spent in game

Backed by the best

Sriram Krishnan

Startup advisor

Ravish Naresh

Founder, Khatabook

Aron Beierschmitt

Co-founder, Crypto Unicorns

Dinesh Goel

Co-founder, OWN

Michael Kam

Co-founder, Dweb3

Ishan Shrivastava

Founder, Glip

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One $FITT, Many Benefits!

Here's all that you get with our token

Get complete access to the game

Use $FITT for in-game activities - Level Upgrade, Sneaker Minting, Sneaker Customization, Competitions & etc

Experience real world utility

Unlock access to $FITT-exclusive offers with brands across categories - gyms, health insurance, merchandise and more

Win staking rewards

Stake your $FITT early on and get a chance to win rewards like free Sneaker NFTs & Crafting Anvils


$FITT is our primary utility token with a limited supply where the main goal is to create a sustainable economy while aligning the incentives for all the stakeholders of the ecosystem - Players, Builders, Developers & Investors


Max supply


Circulating supply



Token release schedule

Our roadmap

Q1 '22Apr - Jun


MVP Launch - Closed Beta

OG Basics 1000 Sale

Seed round investment

Website v1 Release

Public Beta launch

Game economy - Phase 1

Q2 '22Jul - Sep

in progress

MG Glides launch

UI/UX Revamp

$FITT Staking

$FITT Public sale

In-app DEX

Crafting & NFT Marketplace

Single player challenges

Athlete & Pro-athlete sneaker launch

Sneaker customisation

Game economy - Phase 2

Q3 '22Oct - Dec

yet to start

Multi-player competitions

Fitness tracker integration

Health insurance partnerships

Corporate partnerships

Special edition sneaker launch

Free user gameplay

Q4 '23Jan - Apr

yet to start

Fiat on-ramp

Marketplace for fitness products & services

Avatars and add-on NFTs

Legend sneaker NFTs launch


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