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The ultimate fitness app that tracks your workouts and rewards you with $FITT tokens for each calorie you burn

Make your workout rewarding!
This time for real with Fitmint

Play your calories away

Get your gameface on and work out with an app that'll keep you hooked & driven - just like your favourite game! Keep playing, keep levelling up.

A tribe that drives you

Share your workouts with fitness buddies across the globe and challenge each other. Accountability begins here!

Get Fit to Get $FITT

With your exclusive Sneaker NFT, earn $FITT Tokens for every calorie you burn - be it walking, running, swimming, cycling or playing sports!

Get complete access to the game

Use $FITT for in-game activities - Level Upgrade, Sneaker Crafting, Sneaker Customization, Fitness challenges & etc

Experience real world utility

Unlock access to $FITT-exclusive offers with brands across categories - gyms, health insurance, merchandise and more

Win staking rewards

Stake your $FITT early on and get a chance to win rewards like free Sneaker NFTs & Crafting Anvils

It's really this simple!

Step 1

Download Fitmint

Get the latest version of our beta app from the App Store or Play Store

Step 2

Buy sneaker NFT

Get your exclusive Sneaker NFT to supercharge your fitness journey

Step 3

Workout & earn

As you workout & burn calories, you keep earning $FITT Tokens!

Step 4

Play & earn more

Use FITT tokens to upgrade your sneaker, boost energy & more

We're just getting started!

turbocharged tribe



75% users

workout daily




calories burned

on-chain achieveMints


NFT holders

80 million+

$FITT earned

$1.5 million

primary NFT sale

65 million+

$FITT spent in game

Our road ahead

Q1 '22Apr - Jun


MVP Launch - Closed Beta

OG Basics 1000 Sale

Seed round investment

Website v1 Release

Public Beta launch

Game economy - Phase 1

Q2 '22Jul - Sep


MG Glides launch

UI/UX Revamp

$FITT Staking

$FITT Public sale

In-app DEX


Q3 '22Oct - Dec

in progress

NFT Marketplace

Single player challenges

Free user gameplay

Sneaker customisation

Game economy - Phase 2

Fitness tracker integration

Athlete & Pro-athlete sneaker launch

Multi-player competitions

Fiat on-ramp

Q4 '23Jan - Apr

yet to start

Health insurance partnerships

Corporate partnerships

Special edition sneaker launch

Marketplace for fitness products & services

Avatars and add-on NFTs

Legend sneaker NFTs launch


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The fastest-growing tribe of fitness enthusiasts from around the world! Challenge one another to reach your personal best and earn $FITT tokens as you keep doing so.



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Sriram Krishnan

Startup advisor

Ravish Naresh

Founder, Khatabook

Aron Beierschmitt

Co-founder, Crypto Unicorns

Dinesh Goel

Co-founder, OWN

Michael Kam

Co-founder, Dweb3

Ishan Shrivastava

Founder, Glip

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