7 Apps You Can Use to Get Paid to Walk in 2024

7 Apps You Can Use to Get Paid to Walk in 2024


Apps that pays you to walk
Apps that pays you to walk
Apps that pays you to walk


Imagine getting paid to do something as simple as walking. With the rise of Web3 technology, this dream is now a reality. Web3 apps are revolutionizing the fitness industry by incentivizing physical activity and rewarding users for their efforts.

In this article, we have covered the 7 amazing Web3 apps that pay you to walk daily helping you lead a healthier life while earning money along the way. These apps rely on gamification and use a pedometer to track your walking and reward you with an in-game crypto token. These crypto tokens differ in value and can be converted into other currencies.


Fitmint is a free-to-play web3 app using which you can get paid for walking daily. The FITT token is an ERC20 crypto token that can be traded and converted to currencies such as USDC.

The gameplay starts with your personalized 3D avatar with 4 attributes: Level, Style, Strength, and Charm. Each attribute is linked to a specific in-game behavior of the user. A combination of these 4 attributes decides how much FITT you would be earning every day.

There are multiple ways on Fitmint using which you can earn money by walking.


You can join challenges by paying an entry fee. If you complete the challenge, you get 100% of your entry fee back along with additional earnings from the pool of players who didn’t complete the challenge.

Mystery box

You’re rewarded with a mystery box when you complete your movement goal and level up. The mystery box either has $FITT rewards or assets for your avatar.


You can buy or sell your assets in the marketplace by using $FITT tokens. The value of an asset depends on whether it’s a common or rare asset with rare assets having a higher value.

Fitmint will soon introduce real-world utility for the assets where these assets will be developed in collaboration with various brands. You will also be able to get a discount on the physical products of these brands if you own the assets in the game.


It is a free app that works as a step counter or pedometer. For every 1000 steps you walk, the app rewards you with a certain number of Sweatcoin. The difficulty level increases as you start moving daily which means you will need to walk more than you did yesterday to earn the same amount of Sweatcoin.

There are two tokens in this app: Sweatcoin and $SWEAT


This is the in-app token of this app. Your daily steps are directly converted to stepcoins. These tokens can be used in the app’s marketplace to purchase various listed products or services. The app allows you to donate this amount to selected charities as well.


It is the token that’s listed on decentralized exchanges. You can earn one SWEAT token by walking the first 5000 steps of the day. If you walk beyond 5000 steps, they are converted into Sweatcoins. Currently, Sweatcoins and SWEAT cannot be interchanged.


Step app is another move-to-earn app and a pedometer that passively tracks your walking and pays you to walk. You can convert these steps into $FITFI or $KCAL tokens which can either be used to buy sneaker NFTs (with potentially higher future value) or converted into other tokens using DEX platforms.

There are two tokens in this app: FITFI and KCAL


It is the governance token of Stepapp. It was distributed evenly among users at the time of the token generation event. FITFI token holders can participate and vote for various changes in the Stepapp ecosystem. FITFI can also be purchased using various crypto exchanges.


It is the in-game currency of this app. Your KCAL earnings can be converted into real money. You can get paid to walk in these tokens by walking or running daily.


Genopets is a free-to-play mobile app that combines elements of Tamagotchi and Fitbit. Players take care of their unique Genopet by nurturing and evolving them through daily activities such as walking and running.

To begin with, players mint a free Genopet, which is an in-game NFT. The Genopet can be evolved by doing daily quests such as step challenges, player vs environment (PvE) battles, and taking your Genopet for a walk.

The game consists of three tokens:


It is an administrative token. It gives the capability to vote on game changes and game modes.


It is provided to players who purchase a habitat inside the game. This token allows users to accelerate the evolution of Genopets and to craft other in-game items.


These are called experience points and you gain them by daily physical activities. XP can be used to level up your Genopet.


Walken is a mobile app where you can compete with other players to get paid to walk daily.

A user starts with a free non-NFT digital pet called Cathlete, which can be leveled up to become an NFT. Cathletes can also be purchased in the in-app marketplace.

The game has two tokens: Gems and WLKN.


You earn Gems by walking daily and converting your steps into Gems. Each one thousand steps equals one Gem for each Cathlete. The number of Gems earned is multiplied based on the number of Cathletes owned. Upon reaching a daily step goal of 10,000 steps, users receive bonus Gems.

But Gems are not real money and cannot be traded. That’s where $WLKN plays a role.


The app features Leagues, where you can use your Cathletes to compete against other players. If you win the League, you’re paid in a $WLKN token which can be traded on various DEX platforms.

Participation in Leagues is based on Cathlete level, with higher levels allowing participation in higher leagues and earning more $WLKN rewards.

Dustland runner

Dustland Runner is a post-apocalyptic audio app that pays you to walk and run. In this game, players take on the role of a runner navigating through an imaginary world called Dustland avoiding pirates while completing real-world runs.

The game combines physical activity with narrative progression, allowing you to earn virtual rewards, NFTs, and $DOSE tokens as you advance in the storyline.

Your daily earning of DOSE tokens depends on various factors such as the daily reward pool, the number of players participating in activities during the same period, and the gear equipped by different participating players.

You can transfer DOSE using a wallet and convert it into other currencies. Also, these rewards can be used for game upgrades and to further progress in the narrative of the game.

In the future, the developers also plan to introduce more utility to DOSE tokens where users will be able to purchase real-life and virtual apparel, memorabilia, or event and entertainment tickets. 


Dotmoovs is a Play-to-Earn sports competition app that pays you to play sports. You can challenge yourself and other players in your favorite sport such as football, tennis, basketball, etc while using an AI video referee to score your performance.

After registering on the app, you can participate in tournaments and challenges that match your skill level.

Dotmoovs’s in-game token is called MOOV and you earn money in the form of this token. To earn MOOV, you first need to purchase a shoe NFT in the game. The amount of MOOV you earn depends upon your performance and ranking in tournaments and challenges.

Your earnings on Dotmoovs can be in the form of $MOOVs, exclusive NFTs, and other in-game rewards.


These are the best apps that you can use to get paid to walk in 2024. These apps offer different ways and gameplays that you can utilize and earn some money while getting fit.

Feb 1, 2024

It’s never too late to start your fitness adventure


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It’s never too late to start your fitness adventure


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